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Client Comments

"Our case relied heavily on GIS mapping to demonstrate the discriminatory impact of police referrals and overall code enforcement inspections on neighborhoods that were occupied predominantly by Latino residents, particularly those of Guatemalan Mayan origin. The Cedar Grove Institute's work was instrumental in proving our case."

- Lisa A. Carmona, Senior Attorney, Florida Equal Justice Center, Inc.

"The maps of these data were more powerful than any oral description of the evidence of discrimination."

- Reed Colfax, Relman, Dane & Colfax LLP, in Clearinghouse Review, Journal of Law and Poverty, Nov-Dec. 2009, Volume 43, Numbers 7–8

"Keep it coming!"

- Ken White, Charlotte NAACP Chapter Director

"Does the data affect things? 10.9 million dollars. That’s the power of taking one piece of data and another piece of data - and showing the results."

- Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, in a TED Talk

"The Cedar Grove Institute is doing important and valuable research work for civil rights advocates. In addition to their practical knowledge about how local government can stack the deck to prevent equal treatment of minority neighborhoods, their ability to use GIS and other research tools to document the unequal treatment provides evidence that has not been available in the past. The Institute is an expert witness in our pending municipal services discrimination/environmental justice case against the City of Dallas. The Institute's tools have made it possible to effectively and efficiently present the City's use of industrial and residential zoning to steer hazardous and nuisance industrial uses to minority neighborhoods and away from white neighborhoods."

- Michael M. Daniel. Daniel is a civil rights attorney in private practice in Dallas, Texas. Lopez v. City of Dallas, 2005 WL 1131181 (N.D. Tex. 2005), 2004 WL 202680 (N.D. Tex. 2004).

"Cedar Grove Institute has been an immensely helpful resource for me in analyzing racial geography and demography."

- Jack Daniel. Daniel is Director of Litigation California Rural Legal Assistance, in San Francisco, California. (Information provided for identification only. CRLA does not make endorsements.)

"It is my pleasure to recommend the work of the Cedar Grove Institute for Sustainable Communities. I worked with the Cedar Grove Institute for nine months during my work on Pitt v. City of Portsmouth, et al. a housing discrimination case, in which I and my colleagues at Heller Ehrman LLP and the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law represented a class of plaintiffs who were former residents of the Fairwood Homes housing community in Portsmouth, Virginia. In connection with our retention of expert witnesses who opined on the nature and scope of racism in Portsmouth, Virginia spanning over half of a century, our team of attorneys retained Cedar Grove Institute and Ann Moss Joyner. Ms. Joyner and her team were invaluable to our successful outcome. She provided thorough research, comprehensive economic analysis and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technical support. Their research was meticulous and showed initiative and a thorough understanding of what was needed, and their reports were well-formatted, and well-edited.

In addition to Ms. Joyner's fine research and analysis, her thoughtfulness and keen understanding of the Portsmouth region, its history and social networks truly impressed me. There was no detail beyond Ms. Joyner's grasp.

In sum, the Cedar Grove Institute would be an invaluable asset to any legal and/or community advocate working in the areas of civil rights and community development."

- Allyson B. Baker, Pitt v. City of Portsmouth, et al. when working for Heller Ehrman LLP with the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, 2004.